Audio/Video/Lighting/Pro Services

Serving Austin and Bastrop Area
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PA Sound Rental
Live Audio Engineers


We Provide Video Projection  Services Including Video Engineers, Screens, Projectors , Monitors an Video Switchers


We provide lighting instruments and Lighting Board Operator as per needed for show.

Branding With Pedicabs

This part is super exciting. We are in a very unique position that our company is friends with the pedicab industry. we have great prices on brand activation and advertising with the very best and only available mobile branding in Austin. The whole of the Silcon industry has launched itself from the back of pedicabs in Austin Texas during SXSW. Imagine having your conference and being able to not only advertise your brand on these mobile billboards but being able to roll the pricing of your transportation costs into these eco friendly and exciting vehicles. They are also the best tour guides in town. Your attendees will be not only thankful but they will come to your meeting the next morning with stories of exciting  times blazing through Austin with their favorite pedicab driver onto the newest, next spot that the e-scooters just cant tell you about. Also they are the safest form of transportation in town. We provide a deep discount for partners who choose to advertise with our pedicab partners. Notable companies we have worked with in our endeavors who chose our branding options are but not limited to Square, Uber, Mercedes, Glomper, Direct TV and so many more... So if you woul d like to brand our pedicabs and advertise with us during SXSW (South By Soutwest) or ACL an or during your conference or festival please give us a call or drop an email.


A Team of Artists and Operators that worked in the Audio and Visual live event world for many years. We strive for a progressive design with a modern touch. Affordability is key. 



This ​endeavor is spearheaded by Christopher Head who started out his professional role in this world as a stagehand and security guard at Antone's blues club in Austin Texas back in 1998. Our services include Audio, Video. Lighting. Camera Projection Mapping, Event Management and beyond. We aim to provide a simple, modern approach to your event. Whether it be rock and roll, corporate or even rock and roll corporate. We got your back on this one. Best prices around too.





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