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Black Magic ATEM MINI

ATEM Black Magic Design:

WTF is Black Magic Deign up to releasing a $295 dollar switcher???? Let’s be clear though, this is only a 4 input HDMI switcher with no Multiview with only a one button switch. No preview/program function. But if you are wanting to switch anything on a live production between 4 laptops or a live switch for podcast this is the one for you. The ATEM mini also serves as a webcam so it can livestream, webcast, simulcast and so much more. It has all the functions of a TV studio just with only 4 HDMI inputs and can be controlled from any laptop on your table during a webcast. So if you are podcasting, anyone networked to the control software can switch, run macros, apply effects or adjust audio.

All this in the size not much bigger than a large cell phone. So if you are a teleprompter or a GFX op and want to sub switch all of your inputs on your own then this is the only choice. If you have a quad viewer already in your arsenal as I do and want to use the ATEM mini as a camera subswitch in a small profile. I don’t think the BMD camera controls are included in this version but I could be wrong. It is my assumption that the camera controls are only channeled through SDI but I am not certain. Someone email me if you have any experience with that part of this product.

There is so much more to be said about this product but I will refrain until it is actually released. I believe they ship in November. Needless to say I have one on preorder to add to my arsenal.

Can’t wait to plug it in and give it a whirl.

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