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Finding an Audio and Video provider

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Why is it so tough to find the right Audio/Visual provider? Well it all depends on what service you are looking for. Sometimes when you’re are bidding out vendors for your event you can be very surprised that the range in prices can be all over the place. One company has X price for a PA rental and the other has Y price and they are hundreds of dollars off. There are many reasons why Audio and Video vendors have wide ranging prices when it comes to rentals and or the execution of your production.

Whether it be for a wedding, conference, music festival, club install or just any other Audio, Video and lighting needs you have there are many factors that can determine the price of a service. Size of company makes a big difference. Experience and quality is a deciding factor in what vendor an event planning company or production company might choose to provide the logistics and coordination along with the equipment it takes to pull off an event.

We believe you have come to the right place. We have worked with many artists such and companies to complete their vision and seen so many successes and felt the sting of missteps in the planning process that we want to walk you through every step of your production from production schedule to show flow. Whether it is a large conference or 10 monitors in an expo hall we will be there making headway to bring your event to fruition.

We bring a unique and diverse perspective to your production.

Have you thought of doing something creative like branding your event by projection mapping the side of a large building and hiring the very best professionals to create a live visual experience that goes viral and gets you the hits on social media that increases your presence in your market? Do you have a conference that requires some help with projectors and screens? In large spaces with many people we will provide the speakers, consoles and microphones to make you’re your voice and talent is heard?

Are you a club owner and looking for a permanent PA install to showcase your bands? Do you want to do an outdoor movie series for the spring in your local community, park or even in your own back yard? How about a wedding that requires a beautiful magenta lighting scheme and a wireless microphone so cousin Gary can drunk ramble on about your fiancés rompings in New Orleans at the bachelor party? Well Gary is going to say too much and we want to get that on camera and make a nice video for you to be able to mix that in with our drone footage we shot early on in the day to set up the establishing shots for one of the most important memories in your lifetime.

Do you have an up and coming festival that requires a PA system and lighting package that doesn’t break the bank and ensures your festival gets in the black as soon as possible? We got that.

We also provide the best Audio, Video and Lighting techs at the most competitive price for them and for you. One of the things we pride ourselves on is paying a livable wage to the folks that are the most important part of your event.

Click that link below and shoot us an email. We will get back to you in no time at all.


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